Transitional Living Ministry

What is Transitional Living Ministry?  It is a new Mission Project under development by Jasper First United Methodist Church for the purpose of holistically helping a family get their feet on the ground by escaping the cycle of poverty and developing healthy life skills in order to become a productive part of our community. This ministry will be ongoing and could include mentoring a family for as much as 12 - 18 months.
Having identified a Vision, Mission Statement and a set of Strategic Objectives we are ready to enlist the help of our extended congregation by inviting them to select an objective from the list below in which to become involved.  Everyone of you have an area of life skills, knowledge and interest in one or more of the areas listed below.
We had a very productive meeting Oct. 23 where a committee was formed to prepare a presentation to the next Administrative Board.  Many more are becoming involved as more learn about the project. See where you plug in below.
Vision: Transforming our community one family at a time.
Mission: To create a Transitional Living Ministry (TLM) that would provide resources for a
family within a spiritually healthy environment to help them become socio/economically
stable, and direct them on a growth track that equips them with the tools necessary to
thrive in their local environment.
Need: In Walker County over 20% of the population is living in poverty. We have seen and
felt a need to support change in such a way that families are strengthened and equipped
rather than continually dependent on emergency services.
Response: The church would identify a family in need and through the utilization of existing organizations, programs, and church members we would seek to provide intensive
services in an empowering manner to help the family  reach personal goals of stability and independence. The TLM would establish goals with the family, a manageable timeline, and plan for independence. Support would be provided in several ways including but not
limited to:

• Legal Matters
• Spiritual Guidance
• Education
• Relationship Building
• Career (job acquisition, maintenance and growth)
• Housing
• Transportation
• Health Care
• Child Care
Strategic Objectives:

Identification of Family

Application process

Seeking candidates - how and where     





Restrictions of occupancy





Financial - budgets, spending priority, saving

Life skills - interviews, computer,

Parenting/Marriage/Family dynamics

Health Care




Spiritual Guidance


Children and their needs

Building Relationships

Legal Matters

Longevity/Transition Plan

With Administrative Board approval on 01-29-2018 are moving forward to:

1. Creation of TLM Team and identify a leader.

2. Assimilate all interested people and begin creating subgroups based on above support
systems within the team. Also will include application and selection group.

3. Present detailed plan at the March meeting with work already in progress. Hopefully.