Rev. Alan Beasley, Senior Pastor

With more than 30 years in ministry, Alan Beasley was appointed Senior Pastor of Jasper First UMC in June, 2011. Uniquely, this was his second time to be appointed to Jasper First as he was the Associate Pastor/Youth Director from 1984-1987. He served several churches in the North Alabama Conference moving to Jasper from Russellville. He also served as the founding Director of Alumni at Asbury Theological Seminary from 1990-1993.

Alan is a husband and father as well as pastor/teacher. He and Lori have been married 33 years and have two grown children, Diana and Preston, who both live in Birmingham. Alan graduated from the University of North Alabama and Asbury Theological Seminary.

Alan has been privileged to serve the North Alabama Conference in many ways, preach revivals and camp meetings all over the country, serve the Emmaus community, work with youth in various ways, and do things pastors do. He has been awarded the District Denman Evangelism Award twice and continues to encourage people to be an effective witness.


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