Childern's Ministry

Our Children's Ministry includes:

  •  Easy-to-teach lessons that provide the flexibility we need by offering many types of hands-on activities every week
  •  Many choices for activities, so teachers can adapt the lesson to suit their strengths
  •  Seasonal units follow the liturgical calendar · A full scope encompassing a 3-year comprehensive journey through the Bible
  •  A customized preschool program that corresponds to what the older children are studying, so that children ages 3-10 study the same Bible lessons each week
  •  A program for older children that covers topics tailored to their needs and questions, and directly minister to their unique life experiences.

Children meet in designated classrooms each Sunday by age group. Age groups are Toddlers (2 and 3 year olds), Pre K-K, 1st & 2nd Grade and 3rd & 4th Grade. Two Sunday school teachers teach each class on an every other Sunday rotation.

Children's Director is Tamara Mathews. You may call her with any questions you have at 205-387-2111